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We are all born divinely whole beings.  Through the process of socialization and trauma, our energy field can fracture. To integrate means to come back towards yourself. Through the process of integration, we are restored back to wholeness.  We all have unique backgrounds and blocks to getting what we are wanting.  


Canvas sizes & Prices

12"x12" = $222

20"x20" = $425

18"x24" = $450

24"x30" = $600

(prices in USD)

Custom Commission package includes:

1.) Phone or video consultation to discuss your painting details, cavas size, and shipping options. (If you feel like you need to)

2.) A text or emailed picture of your painting when finished.

3.) General information about anything that came through for you while in the process of channeling.

This is via voice notes or written email.


Note: This varies from to person. (Sometimes quite a lot comes through, and sometimes very little.


Manifest Your Soulmate

Relationships are one of the most foundational and important parts of our lives.  Aligning with a compatible  partner can make all the difference in your quality of life. Being that I am a hopeless romantic, I love to channel custom activations to help attract your perfect partnership.

Level UP!

Do you ever feel like you are on the verge of a major life change, but you're not quite sure how to take the leap?  I create custom activations to help support you in your next soul's expansion.  Whether you're needing the extra support to make a huge career shift, help integrating your blocks to receiving support, or help aligning with your life purpose, I can channel a custom frequency to help you to your next expansion.

light worker

Ancestral Patterns

Ancestral patterns play a huge role in our subconscious belief systems.  Belief systems passed down from your ancestors can contribute to huge blocks in your life.  Using the power of sacred geometry and light codes, these custom activations can be the transformation that you need to align with all that you desire. 

Couples Activations

As I have said before, relationships are one of the most foundational important parts of our lives. Each relationship is truly unique, and has a unique expansion path. I create custom activations to help enhance the bond and connection between you and your partner, to help support the relationship to its highest potential.

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