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Parallel Lines
Arm Tattoo
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Custom Tattoos

Your body is your divine temple. Anything you place in or on your body affects your personal energy field. Having a custom tattoo is a unique opportunity to have a permanent custom activation on your body. This is one of the most powerful ways to help you heal, integrate, and empower yourself. Having a custom tattoo is a very empowering way to bring you into a more integrated and loving relationship with your body. 


I am beyond grateful to have crossed paths with Lynn. These tattoo activations have transformed my life! Working with Lynn over the past few years has been an amazing journey. These tattoos have really supported me and accelerated my healing and integration process with having access and being able to resource specific energies and intentions on my body I needed the most in light of my trauma/wounds. They have been a huge catalyst with transforming my relationships especially with self and attracting new opportunities and experiences to align with my purpose. I have a meaningful and energetic reminder/resource on my body of my commitment and the energy I wish to bring and embody in the world. I love them so much!  

- Charlie R.

Tattoo pricing

Tattoos under 9 inches = $150

Large back tattoos start at $350

Custom Commission package includes:

1.) Phone or video consultation to discuss your tattoo details. 

2.) A printable photo of your tattoo when finished. I will also send the original copy, per request.


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