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Higher Self

Your higher self, or soul, is the essence of who you really are. You are an aspect of source, and you have a unique vibrational geometric structure. Using sacred geometry and light codes, I custom channel your unique soul blueprint to help you align with the highest, and most authentic version of yourself. 


After drawing countless higher selves throughout the past few years, I have noticed different categories of energetic archetypes.  Listed here, are some of the archetypes that I have channeled. This list keeps growing as I continue to create soul paintings for clients. I will update this periodically.  


​ Note:  I do not wish to put something so complex into a box, and want to note that many people can fit into multiple categories simultaneously. This has simply been a personal observation that I have noticed, and have categorized accordingly. I have created this list of archetypes as I've noticed they apply to this 3rd dimensional incarnation. However,  our soul is infinite and is not limited to this dimension. Many of you are living multidimensional lives and having different roles in other incarnations. 

Canvas Sizes & Prices

12"x12" = $222

20"x20" = $425

18"x24" = $450

24"x30" = $550

24"x36" = $600

(prices in USD)

Custom Commission package includes:

1.) Phone or video consultation to discuss your painting details, cavas size, and shipping options.

2.) A text or emailed picture of your painting when finished.

3.) A detailed reading of all of the channeled information that came through for you while completing your custom painting.

This is via voice notes or written email.


Thanks for submitting!

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