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What is an activation?


An activation is energy that catalyzes transformation and sets things in motion. I am an open channel and can connect to anything. Everything in existence has a geometric configuration to its energy field.  I can channel anything from a thought, a tree, or your couch! (Although I don’t think that would be helpful). I am taking higher dimensional energies, translating them on canvas in the form of sacred geometry and light codes.   Each geometric shape and light code have its own frequency to help shift you into a higher vibration.

Why did you start drawing?

The short answer is, when it became too much effort to stop the impulse!


 This all started about 5 years ago. After an intense ayahuasca journey, I started seeing sacred geometry that made up the structure of Everything. I would draw as a meditative outlet.  I realized one day while I was drawing that there wasn’t anything I had done in my life that had brought me this much joy.  I decided in that moment to make a career out of it, and serve humanity in this way.

How long does it take you to complete a painting?

This can vary from a couple of hours (for a small drawing), to over 40 hours over a couple weeks time. It really depends on the size and how in alignment I am with the energy.  Each energy affects me greatly and is a huge part of my personal expansion.  I draw at the rate in which I can personally integrate. 

What do your paintings mean?

Each painting is created in a specific energetic feeling signature and are meant to invoke a shift in your feeling state and personal vibration. They are not meant to be directly translated like we would a foreign language.  I would invite you to notice the way they make you feel.

What information do you get while you are channeling?

Because I work with many multi-dimensional beings,  I hear an array of different things. I connect to the collective consciousness of the planet, and channel activations to help support humanity in its next expansion.  

When I am drawing a commissioned piece for someone, I get different information for them. This includes information about past lives, life purpose, practical advice, spirit guides, aura colors, star seed origins, Higher Self archetype, subconscious blocks and much more!

How do I take care of my painting?

I use a high gloss varnish on all of my artwork to protect from dust, and prevent fading. All varnishes are water resistant, but not water proof!  So be mindful of not getting them too close to water. 

What intuitive abilities do you have?

I am clairvoyant and can "see" images as if they were on a  movie screen in front of me.  This also enables me to see life path potentials for you, and the planet.  

I am clairaudient and can "hear" messages. This enables me to hear your spirit guides and messages for you.  I am also physically intuitive and can sense problems in the body.  This is really helpful when I am drawing tattoos. 

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