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Custom Abundance Activations

While observing our current society, it is very obvious that money is an important part of everyday life.  Recognizing this,  I could see huge blocks that people have with money itself.  I started noticing that everyone has their own unique blocks, and reasons that money is not flowing easily to them.  This is why I decided to create custom money activations.  These are powerful activations to help you break through your own mental and energetic blocks,  so that you can align with your highest financial potential.


All abundance activations are created on a 19" round wooden board and sealed with epoxy resin. They hang easily on the wall, and can lay flat on your table as an addition to your altar. 



Custom Commission package includes:

1.) Phone or video consultation to discuss your painting details, and shipping options.

2.) A text or emailed picture of your painting when finished.

3.) A detailed reading of all of the channeled information that came through for you while completing your custom painting.

This is via voice notes or written email.


Ancestral Patterns

AncestraI patterns can play a huge role in our subconscious money blocks.  Mental patterns and subconscious beliefs are passed down through many generations. Shifting those ancestral patterns may be all it takes to set you on the right financial path.

Self Worth

Not feeling worthy is one of the deepest subconscious blocks we have with money.  Often times, you will not even be aware of that belief running in the background of your mind.  These powerful light code integrations are curated to your specific energy field.  It is amazing how fast they can work.



For some of you, your authentic 3D financial strategy may not be clear. Your soul is encrypted with your unique energetic blueprint for your life. With the use of sacred geometry and light codes, these powerful integrations will unlock your strategic blueprint, so that you can easily align with your financial strategy. 

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