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The Full Story


In 2021, I was approached by a dear friend named Michael Ellison to commission a mural in his home. This had been a long time dream, and I was happy to have the opportunity. This had been the biggest project in my career and came with its own challenges, but by far the most rewarding. "Welcome To The Multiverse" and "Heart Ways" were created back to back from April to September 2021.  Michael has since created a healing center in his home, with the murals as a focal point of healing impact. It is my honor to be able to channel this sacred geometry art and bring forth this inter dimensional information to help influence, impact and heal people. 

Coming soon: As of Jan 1. 2023 I have started the 3rd mural project. I will update this page when it's complete.


Welcome to the Multiverse

Welcome to the Multiverse is the first mural that I have created, and for that reason is very dear to my heart. This is a portal for inter dimensional travel and astral body healing. 


Heart Ways

Heart Ways is the second mural that I created.  This is a multi dimensional activation to open and heal the heart chakra. It is meant to help you align with love, compassion, joy and connection.

I commissioned Lynn to create her first mural, which I titled “Welcome to the Multiverse” in my healing/guest room. The mural has literally been life-changing. When I asked her to create a second and then a third mural in my duplex, we felt the energy in the house swell up. Lynn’s work is deep and rich and magical – bringing depth and dimension to my guided meditations as well as my transformational body/energy work and literally transforming my house to A Space for Healing. Thank you so much Lynn!

Michael Ellison Ph.D.

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