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My Journey with Grandmother Aya

Ayahuasca is a psychedelic plant medicine that is native to Central and South America. It possesses very intense visual and physical effects. Six years ago, I moved to Costa Rica and aligned with this sacred plant medicine for the first time and it completely changed the course of my life.

Ayahuasca is referred to as the ‘grandmother plant’. The consciousness of the plant itself is feminine. It feels as if you have a grandmother guide, conversing and leading you throughout different realms. The first journey was very beautiful and profound. I cannot describe how scared I was before I drank my first cup, but the night ended up being so incredible. I had been on the new age spiritual path for about 10 years at this point, so I was aware of a lot of universal spiritual concepts about alternate dimensions, however, it was a completely different ball game to actually experience it first hand.

She took me into so many different perspectives throughout the night. I experienced being a frog, a spider, a sloth, a plant, a bird, and the list kept going on. I kept weaving in and out of the perspectives of all of the jungle, and I understood the connection between all life. It was such an amazing experience. After that night, I knew I wanted to do it again very soon. I could feel the pull, so I aligned with another journey three weeks later and it was this second one that completely changed my life.

The Second Journey

Myself and ten of my friends were in a very remote part of Costa Rica on the beach. I was laying under this huge beautiful mango tree. The sky was so clear, and the stars were so gorgeous. I was excited to “dive back in” because I had so many questions about the universe. After I drank my first cup, I lay there just enjoying the night sky. Slowly over time, I felt the medicine kick in.

Grandmother Aya was there with me again, and immediately showed me a pride of lions in Africa. I was confused because I wasn’t sure why I was looking at this. She said, “That’s you”, and pointed to a lioness. She continued, “That is your spirit animal”. I slipped into the perspective of the lion and I could feel its resonance in my heart and in my body.

Traditionally they say, your spirit animal is an animal that most closely matches your vibration. It was really beautiful to feel this resonance so deeply. This visual was very brief. It felt like only seconds had passed and I was floating out of my body and up into the sky.

The next thing I saw as I ascended upwards, was a tall skinny ‘light being’ under a geodesic dome. Surprised and confused to see them, I asked “Who are you?”. He said “I’m an 11th-dimensional being, and I’m here to show you what your purpose is.” He continued, “You are here to activate people's potential.” He showed me how my energy field was influencing and shifting everything around me. It appeared as if my energy field was clicking in puzzle pieces everywhere I was. He told me that he and I had been friends for a long time, and he was always going to meet with me like this. He then showed me an 11th-dimensional ethereal-looking device that he and I co-created before I incarnated. This was really fascinating to watch. He said “I have a lot to show you tonight and we don’t have much time, you are here to activate potential and it starts with you.” He then said, “We are doing body upgrades on you tonight. It will feel like a lot of pressure in your body, but it won’t hurt. Try to relax”. Just then, it felt as if there was a huge energy tube going down my throat and I felt like my entire body was tingling. There was the loudest sound in my ears. It sounded like the highest-pitched singing bowl you’ve ever heard.

I began to leave my body again. This time I went so far up and out, all I saw was blackness. I couldn’t see anything or anyone. I was suspended in nothingness. There was just absolute nothingness. There are no words to explain how unbelievably terrifying this felt. Imagine the scariest thing you could ever imagine and multiply that times infinity and that only touches the depth of terror that this was for me. I used to think that my fear of abandonment was my greatest fear. Through this experience, I realized that to be abandoned by something implies that there is “something” to be abandoned by.

In this nothingness, there was only me, and that was it for all eternity. There was no time, just me with no form. Just in blackness with no one and nothing for all of eternity. I said to the blackness “I want to go to my body! ”The nothingness replied, “Who are you? Where’s your body?”. Just then I started screaming inside of my mind. I started dissolving. I could hardly think anymore. The only thought that permeated throughout my mind was “What you resist persists”. I decided to stop resisting and let myself “die”. I completely let go. I let myself cease to exist. But then the opposite happened… All of a sudden I saw intense color, specifically the color red. The nothingness said, “What would you like to create”? Who do you want to be?” I decided to keep projecting color into the darkness. I experienced and felt all of my creative potential right in front of me. I could feel the universe getting excited by what I was creating. It felt like pure curiosity with no judgment, and excitement to see what was going to transpire from my creation. I understood at that moment what people refer to as ‘the big bang’. I could see why 'Source' itself created something other than itself to experience. I experienced the universe's origin story, the ultimate nothingness brought on the desire to experience itself and know what it was to be something other than its singular perspective.

Just then, I heard howler monkeys in the background all start howling together, and all of a sudden I slammed back into my body and immediately started vomiting. I have never been so happy to throw up in my entire life! I was elated to be back in my body. What a relief! In the morning when I had returned fully to my body, I felt completely different. The entirety of my body felt changed in a way that I cannot completely explain. I felt dizzy, like I was walking sideways trying to get my bearings back. I could still clearly “hear” the words of the 'light being' that spoke to me that night. I spent the whole next day resting and talking to this being. I’d already developed my psychic and intuitive abilities over the past few years, but after this journey, my abilities expanded to a whole new level. I was seeing sacred geometry and light codes in my mind's eye constantly every day. I started conversing with this light being nearly every day from then on.

A few months later, I started having the most insane impulse to draw. It was so incessant that I walked up to one of my canvases and just started drawing light codes. At the time, I had no idea what I was doing or what they meant. I only knew that it felt like a relief to finally start letting them out. It felt like Niagara Falls was stored inside of me and I finally released the dam. I wasn’t sure at the time what was happening to me, but I knew something big had been awakened inside of me. An awakening talent that I needed to share with the world.

Fast forward 6 years later, I have built my entire life around this ability. I have never felt so fulfilled in anything I’ve ever done before, and I’m always excited to watch how it’s continually expanding and helping others awaken.

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Hustle Queen
Hustle Queen
Jul 18, 2023

Amazing Post. You're so gifted!

Lynn Busch
Lynn Busch
Jul 18, 2023
Replying to

Thank you! I really appreciate that ❤️

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