Higher Self Paintings


Your Higher Self (or soul), exists on all dimensions. During my channeling process, I connect to the highest version of you, and channel the geometric configuration of your eternal highest self.


This is one of my most favorite activations to channel for people because it is a very unique way to get to know someone that I haven’t yet met.  Everyone’s higher self is full of so much knowledge. It is an honor for me to be a part of the process of this connection, and to hear so much profound universal wisdom.

With a custom higher self-piece, I include a synopsis of my interpretation of the information that I saw and heard for you.  

Note:  This is not a full-on psychic reading, and I never know what I’m going to hear or get. However, If you are interested, I will include any information that comes through for you.

Our Story

How can a higher self-painting benefit me?


The most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself. There is something very powerful and beyond words that can happen as a result of seeing the externalized version of you. 


Higher self-painting can help you:


1: Activate your life purpose.

2: Accelerate the process of you aligning with your full potential.

3: Connect you more fully to yourself.

4: Automatically raise your personal frequency.

5: Align you with your personal truth.

6: Open to your spiritual gifts.

7: Open you up to universal wisdom.

8: Build a more positive relationship with yourself.

9: Recognize your own power.




12"x12"= 150$

18"x24"= 400$

24"x30"= 550$

24"x36"= 600$

NOTE:  I am only able to fit your higher self symbol on a 12”x12”.  The larger the size of the canvas, the more information I am able to fit.